the contents of

paired stories:

• two series, twenty stories in each series; accessible through the Reading Directory.
• arranged in thematic pairs (for example, “Accidents,” “Deforestation”)
• intended for intermediate-level students; First Series about 700 words in length, Second Series about 1000
• interactive vocabulary quizzes and multiple choice quizzes
• lesson-planning aids: grammar and vocabulary notes, drills, drama activities, conversation topics etcetera
• downloadable audio versions
• easy versions with a restricted vocabulary, accompanied by interactive true-false questions
• print versions provided for all materials

other readings:

• intermediate-level readings on various subjects, including a series on climate change
• various reading activities (cloze passages, ordering puzzles etcetera)


• the " list of content words" and "the list of function words" (based on the readings)


• Grammar Glossary with over one hundred entries; a 100-page text, “Complex Sentences” in pdf format
• various grammar exercises (including interactive verb-tense exercises and error detection exercises)


• explanations of various types of material and instructions for classroom use


• commented php code that may be of use to "do-it-yourself" authors of educational websites

note: is an ongoing project. This page contains a summary of the most important contents as of 08.12.04.