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Two years ago I had a job as a bartender at one of Montreal’s downtown steak houses. The first day I was there I met Subhi, the chef of the steak house. I spoke to him for a few seconds. Then I started my work. Around nine-thirty, I went to the kitchen to pick up my supper and Subhi talked to me for a whiile. He told me he was one of the best chefs in Montreal steak houses. He also said that he was very rich and owned several apartment buildings in the city. I wondered what a rich man like Subhi was doing there, cooking in a restaurant. Before I could ask him that question he said, “You might wonder what a rich man like me is doing here, cooking in a restaurant. Well, I work here because I love this job and I like talking to people like you.” Going home after my first day of work, I travelled with another employee who had been at the restaurant for several years. I asked him about Subhi and he told me he was the sort of person who liked to impress people with lots of lies. He was insecure and he was a day-dreamer. Now, two years later, I’ve heard that Subhi is still doing the same job in the same place and he’s still telling new employees about his money and his apartments.

- adaptaion of a story by Mahmoud Saddho, ESL student (abouut 1985)