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some information about the paired stories
• the paired stories are intermediate-level ESL texts with an average length of about 800 words.
• there are forty stories in all, in two 'series' of ten pairs each
• in the hope of making the stories more useful to teachers and students, they have been written in a plain style: as much as possible only common words are used; idiomatic language and metaphorical language have been kept to a minimum; an effort has been made to keep sentence structure clear and uncomplicated, and very long sentences have been avoided.
• each pair of stories is about a particular topic and each story in the pair is centered on a particular person

• the topics of the stories are subjects of universal interest such as old age, deforestation, and gambling
• references are given to the sources of all the information used in the stories
• the stories can be used in many ways in the classroom or for independent study, but they are perhaps most valuable as an aid to vocabulary development; supplementary vocabulary materials are presently available for almost half the stories
• the paired stories can also be used as material for an integrated activity involving speaking, listening and writing which is described in detail at: using the paired stories
• the paired stories are all written by the owner of flesl.net who retains copyright but grants all teachers and students the right to use them for any non-commercial purpose