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TESL area directory

• advice — for teachers and independent students —  on how to use the ESL materials on flesl.net

• the paired stories

(1) a paired stories activity - a detailed description of a skill-integrating, communicative activity

• pair work and group work

(1) about group work - the value of group work; how to alleviate some difficulties that may arise in using it ;
(2) about pair work - the special value of pair work and how to alleviate the particular difficulties associated with it
(3) about split dictations - advice on using split dictations

• vocabulary development

(1) about the vocabulary lists - how the lists were made and how to use them
(2) about the beginners' versions
(3) flesl.net list of basic English content words: a - h, i - r, s - z
(4) flesl.net list of basic English function words
(5) about function words

• reading exercises

(1) about cloze texts - their purpose and how to use them
(2) using cloze texts - suggestions for classroom use

teaching grammar

(1) about "Complex Sentences" - the origins and the 'approach' behing the grammar text "Complex Sentences"
) about error sheets - using "error sheets" to reduce the frequency of errors in ESL writing
Quick Start with Error Sheets

• the grammar area