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[The annex contains materials that were not originally written for flesl.net — or, as in the case of the phonetics material, which were created for flesl.net but which cannot, at the moment, be fitted neatly into the site's organizational structure. ]

• phonetics

(1) flesl.net chart of IPA symbols for English vowels

(2) notes and comments on flesl.net chart of IPA symbols for English vowels


(1) "lightning"- an 800-word text about the causes and effects of lightning with multiple-choice questions and key

• reordering exercises

(1) "bob howard" - the story of a squeegee kid's funeral with key and correctly ordered version

split dictations

(1) "subhi" - a steak house chef who liked to impress new employes; form 1; form 2; complete text; using split dictations
(2) "
joseph" - a man who sold a dog he didn't own; form1; form 2; using split dictations


(1) garnet rhyno (listening)

(2) player