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The Grammar Glossary (incomplete html version)

- message to users of the "Grammar Glossary" : I am rewriting the Grammar Glossary and reformatting it in html. This link now goes to the (incomplete!) new version. The following link goes to the old pdf version. (fl, 06.02.03)

The Grammar Glossary (old pdf version)

"Complex Sentences"

about "Complex Sentences"

Error Detection Material

Error Sheet #1 (ten items taken from student writing, each containing one or more typical errors)

Short Key to Error Sheet #1 (one or more correct versions of the errors on the sheet)

Explanatory Key to Error Sheet #1 (explanation of all the errors on the sheet, with links to the "Grammar Glossary"; prints out to four pages.)

Multiple Choice Version of Error Sheet #1 (easy to use and correct)

Key to the Multiple Choice Version of Error Sheet #1

Quick Start with Error Sheets (instructions for explaing the purpose of error sheets to students; how to use them; how to make your own; prints out to two pages)

About Error Sheets (background and theory; prints out to five pages)

Diagnostic Grammar Test, Level 1

grammar exercises and explanations


"Jack has too much homework to do" (Key)
"Jill earns as much as a million dollars a year" (Key)
"Jack is as lazy as Jill" (Key)

verb tenses

past progressive practice (Key)

word classes

conjuncts: explanation (pdf)
conjuncts: practice (Key)