error sheet #1,multiple choice version

- Each of the following items contains four underlined words or groups of words.
- In each item one, and only one, of the underlined parts is incorrect.
- In each item, circle the incorrect underlined part.

(1) After a few day, people noticed another peacock had been killed..

(2) The next day five more peacock were killed, so people were very worried.

(3) One woman stabbed another woman and her baby was born died.

(4) A similar thing was happened in Vancouver in 1991.

(5) After she born her baby, Brenda had a mental illness.

(6) He couldn't find a job for a long time time, he he had only a high school education.

(7) When he told her he was going to chop her head off, she started cry.

(8) While he was work in the mental hospital, he got married.

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error sheet #1
multiple choice version

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