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• The following sections of A Comprehensive Grammar of The English Language (Randolph Quirk, Sidney Greenbaum, Geoffrey Leech, Jan Svartik, Longman, London & New York, 1985) were consulted in preparing this entry:

Characteristics of the adverb

§7.46; 438-39

(closed-system adverbs referring to time)

§ 8.54, 529

• The authors of A Comprehensive Grammar of Contemporary English speak somewhat loosely of “adverbs” when, as they acknowledge in discussing the syntactic functions of adverb phrases, they are in fact referring to “adverbs.” This approach — which the authors say they adopt for the sake of simplicity — certainly makes sense as a way of avoiding wordiness and a pedantic tone. However, in light of the complexity and the subtlety of the whole “system,” and the difficulty of explaining it successfully in a classroom, it seems wise, in this glossary, to distinguish as sharply as possible between words and unitary-constituent phrases.