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Pattern Practice -2: “as much/many as ...” (KEY)

[a] “as + much/many + as + N (amount)

“Larry earned as much as a million dollars a year selling real estate.”

[b] “as + long/big/...etc + as + N (amount)

[‘long’ is often used instead of ‘much’ or ‘many’ when referring to a period of time, and other words that refer to distances or areas or amounts or rates can also be used.]

“Elephants can live as long as ninety years.”

“In that part of the country, farms can be
as big as ten thousand hectares.”

These are sample answers only. Othercorrect answerare possible!

Part 1 (key):

1) In those days teachers had as many as fifty students in a class.

(2) If the traffic is heavy, it takes as much as two hours to drive into the city.

(3) The government announced that it would cost as much as a billion dollars to repair the storm damage.

(4) As many as fifty thousand soldiers were killed in the battle.

(5) The water level is expected to rise as much as fifty centimeters during the night.

Part 2:(key)

(1) Over short distances leopards can run as fast as seventy miles an hour.

(2) It can take as long as fifteen years for that disease to develop.

(3) A good coffee machine can be as expensive as two thousand dollars.

(4) Human-like creatures first appeared on earth as long as a million years ago.

(5) In that part of the world it can get as hot as fifty degrees Celsius.

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