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pattern practice 3
“as lazy as...” (KEY)
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Pattern Practice - 3: “as lazy as ...” (KEY)

[a] “as + Adj + as”

“Larry is as lazy as Peter.”

[b] “Vb + as + Adv + as

“Larry does his homework as carelessly as Peter.”

These are sample answers only. Other correct answers are possible!

Part 1 (key):

(1) Jack is as intelligent as Jill.

(2) Jim is as lazy as Joan.

(3) Jane is as dishonest as Dick.

(4) Sue is as careless as Pete.

(5) Dave is as friendly as Sally.

(6) Pete is as angry as Joan.

(7) Jim is as happy as Sue.

(8) Jack is as lazy as Pete.

(9) Lions are as dangerous as tigers.

(10) The North Pole is as cold as the South Pole.

Part 2:(key)

(1) Jim drives as dangerously as Sue.

(2) Jane was walking as slowly as Joan.

(3) Dave smiled as happily as Pete.

(4) Pete behaved as dishonestly as Sue.

(5) Jill can write as intelligently as Jack.

(6) Joan spoke as angrily as Jim.

(7) Dick has suffered as badly as Jane.

(8) Cats move as quietly as mice.

(9) Carrots grow as quickly as potatoes.

(10) Bob phones as often as Sally.

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