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Pattern Practice -1: “too much to...”(KEY)

[a] “too + much/many + N + to + Vb”

“Larry couldn’t come because he had too much homework to do.”

[b] “too + Adj + to + Vb”

“The next morning Larry was too tired to get out of bed."

Part 1:

(1) George thought there were too many formulas to memorize.

(2) There’s too much snow to get the car out of the garage.

(3) I’m afraid there are too many people to feed.

(4) Elizabeth has too many health problems to go on a trip.

(5) That’s too much money to spend on a meal.

Part 2

(1) That horse is too wild to ride.

(2) That story is too good to be true.

(3) Heny was too otired to finish the job.

(4) Sally was too young to get into the bar.

(5) Peter was too old to join the arm.

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