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about flesl.net

(1) This is what’s here at the moment (April 2005):

- forty intermediate level readings with an average length of around 900 words
- ‘grammar and meaning notes’ for one of the readings
- a set of vocabulary lists for one of the readings
- a set of multiple choice questions for one of the readings
- six grammar exercises with keys
- a two-page ‘explanation’ of conjuncts ('transition words')
- an incomplete “Glossary of Grammatical Terms”
- a 150-page grammar text,
Complex Sentences

(2) The materials now on flesl.net are intermediate level, but lower and higher level materials will, I hope, appear in the future.

(3) I am publishing these materials on the web as a way of making them freely available, but they were not written with online use in mind and I feel they will be most useful if they are printed on paper for classroom use or private study.

(4) The material on flesl.net was written in the belief that there are two main elements in language learning: acquisition of information and practice.

(5) To make language practice more real and therefore more effective, the material encourages integration of the four language skills — speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

(6) Beyond the integration of skills, the material and the suggested activities are designed so as to make language practice more real by making it more communicative, more engaging, and more productive.

(7) I hope that the materials will be useful to a wide range of teachers, both native speaking and non-native speaking, and to students, both those enrolled in ESL programs and those who are working independently.

(8) I have put flesl.net together keeping in mind some relevant social trends: toward globalization; toward commercialization; toward the pervasive availability of electronic communication; toward the free flow of people from one part of the world to another; and toward the worldwide dominance of the English language

(9)The website is, in part, a gesture of resistance against two sorts of narrowing of English-language instruction associated with these social trends; the first type of narrowing has led to English being taught more and more as a route to wealth and power and less and less as a full human language.

(10) The second type of narrowing has led to a situation in which only those who can afford to pay the price have the opportunity to study the language that is becoming theirs .

- for a fuller statement of these ideas see : 'about flesl.net (longer version)'