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GLOSSARY :: Kettling: the meaning of the word and some history

method of winning or getting advantage in war, game, business, etc

street protester:
to protest means to say that some action, decision, policy, etc. is wrong (unfair, unjust, harmful etc); street protesters are people who go into the streets to publicly protest the actions and policies of their government

riot gear:
a riot is violent behavior by a large group of people usually in a city and usually leading to property damage and injuries; it often involves fighting with police or soldiers who are trying to end the riot. Gear is clothing or equipment used for some special activity.

a line of police, soldiers, security guards, etc. preventing people from entering or leaving an area. A verb, cordon off, is also commonly used for the practice of putting a rope, or yellow tape, around an area to keep people out or in.

move forward

a special arrangement of soldiers, war planes, etc. that is maintained as they move. E.g. The planes flew by in formation.

make a loud noise by hitting something

flat object made of wood or metal that fits on a soldier’s arm for protection in battle

make a pig-like sound


by force, i.e. violently.

a small “club” (long, thin object for hitting people) used by police

respond aggressively to an attack. E.g. if someone hits you and you hit them back, you’re retaliating

violently, i.e. the police officers who do this aren’t worrying about whether or not they’re going to hurt the person

if you suspect someone, you think they have done something wrong

commit a crime:
do something “criminal” (A crime is something that is against the law, i.e. illegal; “criminal” is the adjective form and also the noun form (a person who commits a crime is a “criminal.”)

“train” means to teach someone how to do something (rather than how to understand it)

military look:
“military” is the adjective for things connected with war, armies, etc. “Look” here is a noun meaning “appearance”

fits in well with:
goes with, suits, is appropriate to