ESL Vocabulary Quiz: legal systems, drug dealing, torture paired story 1-1a

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Vocabulary Quiz for ‘Abdul Shanwaz’

INSTRUCTIONS: Put the correct number in the box beside each word.

• addict

• appeal

• arrest

• beat

• blind

• dealer

• disagree

• hide

• ill

• jail

• lenient

• pretend

• probation

• punishment

• severe

• shake

• stroller

• suffer

• torture

• trial


feel pain, hunger, unhappiness


free, as long as you don’t behave badly


hurt someone out of cruelty or to get information


put something where it cannot be seen


unable to see because eyes don’t work


move quickly and comfortably a short distance back and forth


make other people believe you are something you are not


someone who sells things


believe that someone is wrong about something


treat someone kindly even though they have done wrong


not healthy


for pushing children ahead of you on wheels while walking


when the police take something away


person who is unable to stop doing something they enjoy


hit someone repeatedly to hurt them


place where a judge decides if someone did wrong


where criminals are locked up


ask a judge or court to think again about some earlier decision


harming someone because they have done wrong


where your bags are examined when you are travelling to another country