David Noble :: multiple choice quiz

(1) David believed he didn’t get the job he applied for because he had criticized

the corruption at Simon Fraser

Simon Fraser’s online education program

Simon Fraser’s low entrance requirements

the academic work of the members of Simon Fraser’s Humanities Department

(2) David believed that online education was a mistake because

effective education required face-to-face contact

it made cheating on assignments and exams too easy

in order to make money with it, universities were using unqualified teachers

the technology required still had to be developed

(3) The purpose of “Virtual University” was to

teach English as a Second Language

develop and sell software

give online courses in engineering and physics

teach computer programming

(4) After David’s interview he was told

he definitely had the job

he would very likely be offered the job

he would not be offered the job

he might be offered the job but it was not likely