David Noble :: vocabulary quiz

• administration

1: a piece of writing in a newspaper or magazine

• approve

2: say or believe that something is all right

• article

3: series of classes at a school, college, or university (often ending with exam)

• background

4: people who control an institution (a school or hospital for example)

• check

5: say that something is not good

• contact

6: need

• course

7: what someone thinks about something; belief

• criticize

8: extra money you have left when you sell something you bought or made

• encourage

9: the reason for doing something

• fair

10: control, direct

• museum

11: understand how someone feels; feel sorry for someone

• obnoxious

12: make someone feel that they’re doing well, that they can succeed

• operate

13: find out whether what someone says is true or not

• opinion

14: talking (or writing) to someone—either directly or by letter or phone

• prestigious

15: all the facts about a person’s past

• profit

16: person or thing that is very strongly disliked

• purpose

17: treating people honestly and equally

• reject

18: well known and thought to be very good

• require

19: public place where valuable objects are kept and shown

• sympathize

20: not take something, send it away; refuse to accept something