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Multiple Choice Quiz for ‘Donald McQuarrie’

instructions: put a circle around the best answer.

(1) Later, Donald said the experience taught him

(a) the importance of obeying the rules on a plane

(b) the importance of respecting his wife

(c) the importance of staying calm in an emergency

(d) the importance of self-understanding

(2) When the police got on the plane in Detroit, Donald

(a) kicked them

(b) laughed at them

(c) told them it had all been a joke

(d) begged them to forgive him

(3) When the pilot found out what Donald was doing, he

(a) tied Donald up

(b) gave Donald an injection to calm him down

(c) persuaded Donald to return to his seat

(d) told Donald he would be shot if he caused any more trouble

(4) Just before he got on the plane, Donald

(a) had had a fight with his wife

(b) had been fired

(c) had got drunk

(d) had learned he was seriously ill