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this is the noun form of “recognize.”As it is used here it means “coming to be aware of something” or “admitting something”

the person who writes something.

stop someone before they have finished doing, or saying, something

this is the noun form of “confuse”it means “not understanding something”

this is the noun form of “clarify” meaning to make something “clear” so it can be understood

the facts and ideas in a piece of writing; not the grammar or the organization

• writing activities for ‘Donald McQuarrie’


• instructions

- Write a narrative (story-telling) paragraph on one of the topics listed below.

- It should be a true story about you or about someone you know well.

- Maximum length: 150 words. Maximum time: 20 minutes.

• topics

- bad behaviour caused by drunkenness

- a frightening event on an airplane

- an experience that led to self-understanding (or a recognition of the need for self-understanding)


• form groups of three (or four)

• exchange paragraphs with your partner(s)

• silently check your partner's paper for errors


• choose one paragraph from your group for reading to another group

• send the author of the chosen paragraph to another group and invite that group to send someone to your group

• listen while your guest reads his or her paragraph aloud

• if your guest's pronunciation or grammar causes confusion interrupt to ask for clarification

• when your guest has finished reading, summarize his or her paragraph to make sure it has been fully understood

• discuss the content of your guest's paragraph