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Multiple Choice Quiz for ‘Estrella Mendez’

instructions: put a circle around the best answer.

(1) The Canadian government would not accept Susana and her family because

(a) Argentina is considered to be a democracy

(b) they had not been tortured, imprisoned, or forced from their land

(c) they did not belong to a persecuted group

(d) they had entered the country illegally

(2) Estrella told Susana and her husband that it would be easy to get

(a) resident status

(b) refugee status

(c) immigrant status

(d) student status

(3) According to a police officer people in Susana's position do not go to the police

(a) because they are afraid

(b) because they don’t understand Canadian law

(c) because they don’t speak English well

(d) because they don’t want to waste the money they've given to their consultant

(4) Estrella and her family came to Canada

(a) on a direct flight from Argentina to Vancouver

(b) by flying to France and then flying to Toronto

(c) y flying to the US and then crossing the border at Buffalo

(d) on a small boat that landed illegally in eastern Canada