ESL Vocabulary Quiz: legal systems, drug dealing, torture paired story 1-5a

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Vocabulary Quiz for ‘Estrella Mendez’

INSTRUCTIONS: Put the correct number in the box beside each word.

• border

• campaign

• case

• commit

• consultant

• cooperation

• crime

• dishonest

• dishonest

• election

• experience

• fine

• persecuted

• political

• refugee

• religious

• report

• social

• trick

• visa


someone who makes money by giving other people advice


person who leaves their own country because they are in danger


find out


something that is against the law


money you pay to government because you have done wrong


telling what happened


something you do to fool people, to hide the truth from them


line that separates two countries


treated cruelly by government or society


connected with belief in gods


connected with question of who has power in society


not telling the truth




working, helpfully, with other people


what happens to you


choosing a government by voting


organized activity to get public support


paper that allows you to travel to another country


situations where people meet each other for pleasure


series of events