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Prepositional Verb Exercise (Estrella Mendez)


Many English verbs are “prepositional.” The verb “listen” is a good example: when it is used intransitively as in “Jill listened carefully” it is just an ordinary single-word verb. When it is used transitively, however, as in “Jill listened to Jack” the preposition “to” must be placed between the verb and the direct object. Many prepositional verbs—“suspect” is a good example—are “ditransitive.” In other words, they can be used with an indirect object. When these verbs are used transitively, they work like ordinary transitive verbs, for example: “Harry suspected Tom.” However, when they are used ditransitively, a preposition must be placed before the indirect object, for example: “Harry suspected Tom of stealing money.”

In each of the items below, there is a pair of blank spaces. Fill in the spaces in each item using an appropriate prepositional verb found in the story “Estrella Mendez”.

1. When Jack got home from work, his son Tony _______________ him ________ some help with his homework.
2. Tom offered to _______________ Harry ________ the damage he had done to his car.
3. After the fight in the bar, Dick told Tom that, in his opinion, Jack should _______________ Harry ________ assault.
4. Jane told Jill she was thinking of taking some night courses so she could _______________ ________ a teacher.
5. Tom was angry at Harry because he felt he had _______________ him ________ doing something dishonest.
6. Peter couldn’t understand why his golf club refused to _______________ Harry ________ a member.