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someone who has left home because of fear, hunger etc


refugee status:
given to someone who government believes to be a real refugee

not real (bogus refugee = someone pretending to be a refugee)

not honest, not following rules, or obeying laws

immigration consultant:
person who gives advice to people who want to immigrate

adjective used to describle someone who wants to be or do something

a person who writes something.

stop someone before they have finished

condition of not understanding; verb = “confuse”

activity of making something clear (so it can be understood)

state (describe) the most important information in something you read or heard

the facts and ideas in a piece of writing (not the grammar or the organization)

• writing activities for ‘Estrella Mendez’


• instructions

- Write a narrative (story-telling) paragraph on one of the topics listed below.

- It should be a true story about you or about someone you know well.

- Maximum length: 150 words. Maximum time: 20 minutes.

• topics

- a genuine refugee is given / is refused refugee status

- a bogus refugee is given / is refused refugee status

- an unscrupulous immigration consultant exploits a would-be immigrant

- an honest immigration consultant helps a would-be immigrant

- a deserving applicant for immigration is defeated by unfair / over-complicated / discriminatory requirements


• form groups of three (or four)

• exchange paragraphs with your partner(s)

• silently check your partner's paper for errors


• choose one paragraph from your group for reading to another group

• send the author of the chosen paragraph to another group and invite that group to send someone to your group

• listen while your guest reads his or her paragraph aloud

• if your guest's pronunciation or grammar causes confusion interrupt to ask for clarification

• when your guest has finished reading, summarize his or her paragraph to make sure it has been fully understood

• discuss the content of your guest's paragraph