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perusasive paragraph:
a paragraph which attempts in an organized and logical way to get the reader to agree with opinion of the writer (which tries to ‘persuade’ by using an ‘argument’ )

under no circumstances:

concerned with curing or preventing disease (adjective from “medical”)

proper scientific method for discovering the truth

search for information

• writing activity for ‘Jan Moor-Jankowski’ (persuasive paragraph)

1. writing

• instructions

- Write an persuasive paragraph on one of the topics listed below.

- Maximum length: 250 words. Maximum time: 40 minutes.

• topics:

a: under no circumstances should animals be used in scientific experiments

b: under no circumstances should apes be used in scientific experiments

c: animals should be used for experimental purposes only when this is absolutely necessary for the purposes of serious medical research

d: there is nothing wrong with using prisoners for medical research

2. correction

• form groups of three (or four)

• exchange paragraphs with your partner(s)

• silently check your partners' papers for errors

3. discussion

• choose one paragraph from your group for reading to another group

• send the author of the chosen paragraph to another group and invite that group to send someone to your group

• listen while your guest reads his or her paragraph aloud

• if your guest’s pronunciation or grammar causes confusion, interrupt and ask for clarification

• when your guest has finished reading, summarize his or her paragraph to make sure it has been fully understood

• discuss with your guest the content of his or her paragraph