Jan Moor-Jankowski :: vocabulary quiz

• admire

1: put something into something else (often by using a needle)

• ape

2: in war, armies of one country enter another country

• bars

3: an unpleasant surprise

• cage

4: what someone says you could, or should, do

• confused

5: being told you can do something, being allowed to do something

• cosmetics

6: studying a subject carefully to find new information

• cruel

7: treating someone politely (in a way that shows believe they are important)

• experiment

8: general word for animals like chimpanzees and gorillas

• exploit

9: place for keeping animals so they cannot run away

• fire

10: pieces of metal that stop someone from getting in — or out

• inject

11: what you put on your face because you want to look good

• invade

12: do things to or for other people or animals

• laboratory

13: using people or things for your own good without caring if you harm them

• permission

14: things that the law allows you to do (to speak freely, for example)

• research

15: boss tells you you don’t have a job anymore

• respectfully

16: not understanding something, getting something wrong; being mixed up

• rights

17: causing pain to a person or animal without a good reason

• shock

18: place where scientific work is done

• suggestion

19: scientific method of learning something, discovering something

• treat

20: think that someone else is doing good things or living well