Jan Moor-Jankowski (easy), p2

Jan decided to find out more about what was going on in the other lab. When he did that, he learned that the monkeys there were being given “crack cocaine” — a dangerous and illegal drug. Jan believed that giving “crack” to monkeys was cruel, so he told the US government what was happening. Soon after that, he learned that the government had looked into what was going on in the other lab — and they had told New York University that Jan had given them information.

The next day Jan was fired. His lab was given to another research scientist who had done many experiments testing poison and make-up on monkeys.

-information from: The New York Times (97.10.03)

animals such as a chimpanzees or gorillas — like monkeys in many ways but more intelligent and without tails

an illegal drug made from cocoa leaves.

correct scientific method of finding the truth

take chances:
do something that might have a bad result; take risks