Jan Moor-Jankowski, p2

Because he was kind to animals, Jan was admired by ‘animal rights’ groups. People who belong to these groups believe that it is always wrong to exploit animals for any reason — for food, or clothing, or for scientific research. Although they thought Jan was wrong to do any research on animals, they cooperated with him because they realized he was treating animals better than other researchers.

One day in 1996, Jan got a phone call from an animal rights group in California called ‘In Defense of Animals.’ They complained about his doing cruel experiments on monkeys. When Jan heard what they said, he realized that they were confused. They were talking about experiments that had been done at another laboratory at New York University.

Jan decided to investigate, and he found that, in the experiments, the monkeys had been given ‘crack cocaine’ — a dangerous, illegal drug. He believed that giving ‘crack’ to monkeys was cruel and scientifically useless, so he told the US Department of Agriculture about what was happening. Soon after, the Department of Agriculture told the university it was going to investigate the laboratory — and they told them that they had got their information from Jan. The next day Jan was fired. He was forced to leave his laboratory immediately. The university gave the laboratory to another medical researcher, Dr Frederick Coulston — who had done many experiments giving poisons and cosmetics to monkeys and apes.

- information from: The New York Times, 96.07.07