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Multiple Choice Quiz for ‘Joshua Fleuelling’

instructions: put a circle around the best answer.

(1) The ambulance didn’t take Joshua to the nearest hospital because

(a) he didn’t have the proper medical insurance

(b) the ambulance driver was confused and went in the wrong direction

(c) that hospital was too busy

(d) there were no doctors there who specialized in asthma

(2) Even after he had been declared dead, Joshua was kept on “life support“ because

(a) his parents refused to believe he really was dead

(b) the nurses hadn’t understood the doctors’ instructions

(c) the doctors wanted to use his organs

(d) the law required a twenty-four hour delay

(3) Joshua’s heart stopped beating

(a) just before the ambulance arrived

(b) just after the ambulance arrived

(c) in the ambulance

(d) in the hospital

(4) Around a year after Joshua died

(a) the family reached an “out-of-court” settlement with the hospital

(b) the family abandoned its law suit against the hospital

(c) the family won its law suit against the hospital

(d) the family decided to sue the hospital