Joshua Fleuelling :: vocabulary quiz

• ambulance

1: part of a city but far from the center

• breathing

2: good, correct, appropriate

• collapse

3: taking air into your lungs

• controversy

4: falling down because of weakness or injury

• department

5: not to do what you tried to do, the opposite of ‘succeed’

• emergency

6: not having enough

• fail

7: help

• inquiry

8: a very bad situation that requires quick action

• lack

9: a sick person who is being cared for in a hospital or at home

• organ

10: making smaller

• patient

11: people talking about something they don't agree about

• proper

12: the way things are organized, or done

• recommend

13: trying to find out what happened

• reduction

14: try, in a court of law, to get money from someone who has hurt you

• staff

15: takes sick and unjured people to hospital

• suburb

16: say what you think should be done

• sue

17: a part or section of a business or institution

• support

18: brain, eyes, stomach, heart etc

• system

19: take a part of one person's body and put it in another person's body

• transplant

20: people who work in a business or institution