ESL Vocabulary Quiz: asthma, availability of medical care, organ transplants paired story 1-3b (Joshua Fleuelling)

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Vocabulary Quiz for ‘Joshua Fleuelling’

INSTRUCTIONS: Put the correct number in the box beside each word.

• ambulance

• breathing

• collapse

• controversy

• department

• emergency

• fail

• inquiry

• lack

• organ

• patient

• proper

• recommendation

• reduction

• staff

• suburb

• sue

• support

• system

• transplant


part of a city but far from the center


good, correct, appropriate


taking air into your lungs


falling down because of weakness or injury


not to do what you tried to do, the opposite of ‘succeed’


not having enough




a very bad situation that requires quick action


a sick person who is being cared for in a hospital or at home


making smaller


people talking about something they don't agree about


the way things are organized, or done


trying to find out what happened


try, in a court of law, to get money from someone who has hurt you


takes sick and unjured people to hospital


saying what you think should be done


a part or section of a business or institution


brain, eyes, stomach, heart etc


take a part of one person's body and put it in another person's body


people who work in a business or institution