Juan Santos :: multiple choice quiz

(1) According to the article, the main reason Acuña is such a poor city is that

it has to spend so much money on its roads and hospitals

its population is growing so quickly

the companies that have factories there don’t pay taxes

he workers in the factories are so poorly paid

(2) Conditions finally improved at the factory in Acuña because of

what Juan said at a meeting in Pittsburgh

Ruth Rosenbaum’s research on how well the workers could live on their salaries

the death of three workers in an explosion

a successful strike

(3) Juan

worked and lived in Mexico close to the US border

worked and lived in the US near the Mexican border

lived in Mexico but worked across the border in the US

lived in the US but worked across the border in Mexico

(4) At the meeting in Pittsburgh, Juan mentioned that, when workers went to the washroom,

they were timed and fined if they stayed more than four minutes

someone standing at the door gave them one sheet of toilet paper

they had to use their own soap

they had to pay to get into the stalls