Juan Santos :: vocabulary quiz

• attend

1: hard material made of earth and water, used for building

• block

2: piece of wood or stone with squared corners

• budget

3: money that person or business gets as payment

• cheap

4: rule about what to do in a certain kind of situation

• concrete

5: go to, or be at, an event (a meeting, concert, or party, for example)

• income

6: person who translates speech from one language to another

• interpreter

7: liquid coming out where it’s not supposed to

• executive

8: person with high-level job in a company or institution

• export

9: not having the latest equipment, not using recent technology

• filtering

10: always trying to spend as little money as possible; “stingy”

• fraction

11: workers leave work and refuse to go back until they get what they want

• leak

12: what comes out of your eyes when you're crying

• outdated

13: affect more and more people; cover a wider area

• pave

14: what is owned by a person or group

• policy

15: removing dangerous, unhealthy things from drinking water

• property

16: cover a road with a hard surface

• spread

17: send things to someone in another country for sale there

• strike

18: factory where working conditions are very bad

• sweatshop

19: one-third, three-quarters (for example); a part

• tear

20: plan for spending money