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a job or task of somw sort, especially one given by a teacher

adjective form of the verb ‘reflect’ a reflective surface is one that returns or bounces back the light that hits us; here the word is used metaphorically with a meaning close to ‘thoughtful’

causing death

the amount of something that enters a person’s body

unable to do certain things (mental or physical) because of illness, injury etc

improve a piece of writing by correcting errors, reorganizing etc.

get together with:
meet someone for conversation etc.

• writing activity for ‘Karen Wetterhahn’

1. writing assignment

•  imagine that you are Karen Wetterhahn and that you have just learned that you have received a fatal dose of mercury poisoning, and that you will quickly become incapacitated and then die.

•  write a “reflective” paragraph in which you express your honest thoughts about your present situation and your past life.

2. follow up

• after your paragraph has been corrected and edited exchange it with another student who has also done this activity

• while reading your partner’s work, make some notes concerning any differences or similarities between your partner’s response to this assignment and your own

•  get together with your partner and discuss the assignment