Karen Wetterhahn :: vocabulary quiz

• chemical

1: able to cause death

• coma

2: amount of something you take into your body

• create

3: not solid, not gas

• dose

4: not affected, not allowing other things to enter

• environment

5: know what something is because you have seen it before

• exposure

6: the ability to see

• handle

7: being unconscious (‘asleep’ in other words) for a very long time

• harm

8: hurt, damage

• ignorance

9: nature; the non-human world

• industrial

10: connected with making things in factories—or with doing business

• layer

11: breaking down into small pieces when put in water (sugar, for example)

• lethal

12: enter something (often by force or by breaking through a covering)

• liquid

13: scientific word for a particular ‘substance’ (mercury or lead for example)

• penetrate

14: something that stops things from attacking or hurting you

• protection

15: time during which you are affected by something (that is touching you)

• recognize

16: amount of something that remains

• resistant

17: not knowing

• soluble

18: bring something ‘into existence’; make

• supply

19: work on something with your hands

• vision

20: flat section of something with other flat sections above or below