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• dictagloss activity for ‘Linda Hunt’

the paragraph

1: After the party, Linda and some of her co-workers went to P.J.’s pub and continued drinking.

2: By the time Linda left the pub and headed home, she had more than twice the legal limit of alcohol in her blood.

3: Several of her friends offered her a ride but she refused.

4: On the road she lost control of her car and hit a truck.

5: She received serious head injuries, including brain damage.

6: She was in hospital for several months and needed both physiotherapy and speech therapy.

possible discussion points

1: meaning of the prefix ‘co’; other words: ‘co-pilot’ ‘co-author’, ‘co-owner,’ ‘co-operate’

2: meaning of ‘by the time’

3: meaning of ‘head’

4: ‘lose control of’ (clausal-prepositional verb)

5: ‘receive injuries’ compare with ‘normal’ meaning of ‘receive’ and with ‘was injured’(no object possible with passive voice)

6: ‘physiotherapy’ and ‘speech therapy’ Etymology: from Greek ‘therapeia’ meaning ‘healing’ (also ‘psychotherapy’)