linda hunt :: multiple choice quiz

(1) When she left the pub, Linda

called a taxi but was told she’d have to wait for an hour

asked her friends for a ride but they refused

was offered a ride by her friends but refused

told her friends she was going to get a ride in a truck

(2) When Linda got drunk, her boss told her if she had any more to drink

she would have to call her husband

she would have to call a taxi

she would have to give him the keys to her car

she would have to sign a document saying she had been warned not to drive

(3) The real estate company had to pay Linda the entire amount she was given because

Linda was not an employee of the club and so they were not responsible

the pub owner had called the police after Linda drove away

pubs are in the business of selling alcohol and so not responsible in such cases

the pub had gone out of business

(4) On her way home from the pub, Linda hit a truck and suffered

back injuries

chest injuries

neck injuries

head injuries