Linda Hunt :: vocabulary quiz

• amnesia

1: person who welcomes visitors to a business

• announce

2: too much alcohol in your body

• boss

3: person who tells you what to do at work

• company

4: see something you had not seen earlier

• drunk

5: person who works for someone else

• employee

6: a business

• ignore

7: tell someone what will happen if they do something wrong or foolish

• injury

8: tell someone they can have something if they want it

• legal

9: a place to drink

• limit

10: the way you talk; what you say

• mild

11: as much as you can have, as far as you can go

• notice

12: not serious, not very bad

• offer

13: let everyone know; say something official to the public

• party

14: exercise or activity that helps you after an injury or improves your health

• pub

15: having done something wrong, caused damage, hurt someone

• receptionist

16: not listen or pay attention to someone, not do what someone tells you to do

• responsible

17: meet other people to drink, dance, eat, talk, have a good time

• speech

18: damage to your body, being hurt

• therapy

19: losing your memory

• warning

20: not against the law