ESL Vocabulary Quiz: legal systems, drug dealing, torture paired story 1-3a (Linda Hunt)

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Vocabulary Quiz for ‘Linda Hunt’

INSTRUCTIONS: Put the correct number in the box beside each word.

• amnesia

• announce

• boss

• company

• drunk

• employee

• ignore

• injury

• legal

• limit

• mild

• notice

• offer

• party

• pub

• receptionist

• responsible

• speech

• therapy

• warning


person who welcomes visitors to a business


too much alcohol in your body


person who tells you what to do at work


see something you had not seen earlier


person who works for someone else


a business


tell someone what will happen if they do something wrong or foolish


tell someone they can have something if they want it


a place to drink


the way you talk; what you say


as much as you can have, as far as you can go


not serious, not very bad


let everyone know; say something official to the public


exercise or activity that helps you after an injury or improves your health


having done something wrong, caused damage, hurt someone


not listen or pay attention to someone, not do what someone tells you to do


meet other people to drink, dance, eat, talk, have a good time


damage to your body, being hurt


losing your memory


not against the law