Martina Hingis & Dubravko Rajcevic :: multiple choice quiz

(1) When Dubravko went to watch Martina play at the Wimbledon tournament in England

she won

she withdrew

she played badly

she kept a bodyguard with her at all times

(2) Dubravko was

born in Czechoslovakia and moved to England

born in Croatia and moved to Australia

born in Australia and moved to Florida

born in Florida and moved to Switzerland

(3) At his trial Dubravko

insisted that Martina had loved him once even though she didn’t anymore

said he realized that Martina had never loved him

said he didn’t love Martina anymore

said Martina would learn to love him once he got out of jail

(4) The first time Dubravko talked to Martina on the phone she

told him a lot of things about herself

told him she was sending a recording of their conversation to the police

told him she was interested in woman, not men

told him she didn’t want to have anything to do with him