Martina Hingis & Dubravko Rajcevic, p2

Next, Dubravko followed Martina to a very important tournament in Wimbledon, in England. Martina did not play well in that tournament. She says this was because she knew he was watching her and this made her nervous.

Dubravko kept following Martina from one tournament to another. Finally, he was arrested at a tournament in Florida and charged with stalking. He refused to sign a paper saying he would stop following her, and so, he went to jail.

At his trial, Dubravko laughed and smiled a lot. He spoke directly to Martina even though the judge told him not to. He said he was sure that Martina really had loved him in the beginning. He agreed that she didn’t love him any more, but he said that was only because he had been in jail for a year and she had probably found someone new.

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