Molly Ahrens :: vocabulary quiz

• anorexic

1: nothing wrong at all

• ashamed

2: what someone wants

• camp

3: increase

• cheek

4: say or do something unkind to someone but only for fun

• chubby

5: feeling bad because other people don’t like what you are or what you’ve done

• desire

6: thinking about one thing all the time

• diet

7: make someone think things are different than they really are

• disgusting

8: a little bit fat

• fool

9: a place where people live temporarily

• gain

10: you have to do what it says; requiring careful obedience

• goal

11: plan for eating

• hip

12: part of your face underneath your eye

• naked

13: person who studies the human mind

• nutritionist

14: getting very sick, perhaps dying because you refuse to eat

• obsessed

15: something that one person can do but others can’t

• perfect

16: person who thinks about and decides what others fhould eat

• privilege

17: what someone is trying to do or get

• psychologist

18: without any clothes

• strict

19: something you don’t want to look at because it makes you feel sick

• tease

20: important bone at the top of your legs