Molly Ahrens, p2

After going to the doctor, Molly went away to a summer camp. Even though she had been told she was anorexic and that anorexia was a dangerous illness, she still believed she was fat — and she continued her strict diet. After she had been in the camp for a few days, her parents came to visit her. By that time she weighed only 31 kilograms). Her hip bones were sticking out. Her cheeks were hollow. She had dark rings under her eyes. Her parents were very frightened. They took her home right away and immediately took her to a psychologist who told her that, if she didn’t start eating, she would have to go to a hospital. This frightened Molly and she began to eat more, but whenever she ate, she got worried about getting fat, and then she did a lot of exercise to lose weight.

The next time she went to a doctor for a checkup, she weighed 30 kilograms. She was sent to a special hospital for anorexic teenagers. The doctors there told her that if she kept losing weight, she might be dead in two weeks.

In the hospital Molly had to eat. If she didn’t, she lost privileges like getting phone calls and doing activities with other patients. She got her weight up to 35 kilograms. But after she left, she started to lose weight again. Soon she was back down to 33 kilograms. That was when Molly got really serious about fighting her anorexia. She went back to the hospital and promised herself that she wouldn’t leave until she weighed 41 kilograms. For six weeks she worked hard with nutritionists and psychologists and she reached her goal. After leaving the hospital, she gained 14 kilograms more. She felt much better about her life and her body. But although she was still thin, she sometimes felt disgusted when she looked in the mirror.

- information from: an article by Molly Ahrens and Laura Muha in “YM,”  97.10