Oseola McCarty :: vocabulary quiz

• attention

1: easily injured or damaged, not strong

• contribution

2: smoothing cloth by pressing with a hot piece of metal

• delicate

3: what you buy when you go food shopping

• establish

4: start, bring into existence, create a new institution or business

• expect

5: money set aside for a particular purpose

• flick

6: getting ready for something

• fund

7: treated in special way, publicly, because of good things you have done

• generous

8: a light that is carried by a person

• groceries

9: quick movement of your fingers

• honoured

10: for turning things off and on

• inspire

11: stand all around a person or thing; be on all sides of something

• ironing

12: metal object, worn on chest, given (officially) to person who has done good

• loneliness

13: feeling sad because you are by yourself

• medal

14: give other people ideas or make them want to do things like you have done

• preparation

15: happy to give things to other people

• scholarship

16: something you give or do to help a person or an institution

• seldom

17: other people looking at you, listening to you, answering you

• surround

18: not often

• switch

19: money given to someone so they can study

• torch

20: you believe something is going to happen