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• Dictagloss Activity for ‘Patrick Kinlin’

the dictation:

1: Patrick was always very kind and polite to his clients.

2: They trusted him completely.

3: But Patrick was not really investing his clients’ money.

4: He was spending it on fast cars, boats, clothes, expensive meals, houses, travelling, and women.

5: He was married at least five times.

possible discussion points:

1: meaning of ‘client’; difference of meaning: ‘kind’ and ‘polite’

2: analysis of (2) [Subject + verb (phrase) + direct object + adverbial]

3: use of past continuous in (3) and (4) There is an implicit ‘time frame’ here: ‘during the period of time Patrick was being kind and polite to his clients’ [Contrast these with the use of the simple past of ‘offer’ in the story: His company, Kinlin Financial Services, offered advice on investments. (This can’t be in past continuous because it is introducing the description of what Patrick was doing). Contrast also with simple past of ‘trust’ which can’t be put into the past continuous because it is ‘non-progressive,’ like ‘believe,’ ‘know,’ etc.) ]

5: commas in (4), especially after ‘travelling’

6: ‘was married’ in (5) [best analyzed as a passive verb describing an event, but compare with “Fred didn’t know Patrick was married” where ‘married’ is best analyzed as an adjective (state versus event)]