ESL Vocabulary Quiz: legal systems, drug dealing, torture paired story 1-1b (Patrick Kinlin)

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Vocabulary Quiz for ‘Patrick Kinlin’

INSTRUCTIONS: Put the correct number in the box beside each word.

• advice

• allow

• apply

• client

• convict

• convince

• disease

• eligible

• escape

• fraud

• funeral

• identification

• invest

• investigate

• opportunity

• order

• parole

• suspect

• trust

• victim


a judge or jury decides someone is guilty of committing a crime


telling people you are something you are not so you can steal their money


someone who pays you for your services or expert help


believe that someone is honest, not lying to you or cheating you


telling someone what you think they should do


do something with your money hoping to make more money


tell someone they must do something


get someone to believe that something is true


someone who has been hurt (by another person or in an accident)


ceremony after a person has died


a chance to get something or do something


get away from a place where you are a prisoner, get back your freedom


able to get something because of your age, education, nationality, etc


think that, perhaps, someone has done something wrong


ask for something formally—like a job or entrance to a university


allowed out of jail before sentence is over because of promise to behave well


illness, sickness


let someone do something, permit them to do it


document that shows who you are


try to find out the truth about something