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• dictagloss activity for ‘Percy Wacker’

the paragraph

1: When the ferry left Belgium, Percy had a meal.

2: Then he watched two videos.

3: While he was having a good time, the people inside the trailer were getting hotter and hotter.

4: First they took off their clothes.

5: Then they drank all the water they had.

6: Soon they found it difficult to breathe.

7: They realized that if they didn't get fresh air quickly, they were going to die.

possible discussion points

1: ‘leave’ meaning ‘depart’; punctuation (comma between clauses)

2: separate sentence (‘then’ is a conjunct (a ‘sentence connector’))

3: past continuous in ‘while’ clause and in main clause; ‘get (=become) hot’ comparative adjective + ‘and’ + comparative adjective

4: ‘take off’ (phrasal verb)

5: ‘all the water they had’ (adjective clause, ‘that’ omitted)

6: ‘found it difficult to breathe’ (postponed subject)

7: meaning of ‘realize’ (come to know); past tense real conditional