flesl.net drama handout: Percy Wacker

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this kind of job:
a job like this

if I get caught:
if someone finds out what I’m doing

person who speaks for you if you are arrested and taken to court

get paid:
receive your pay

between countries

customs officers:
people who check what’s being taken across borders

are you willing?:
do you agree? (to do something)

a person who writes stories for a newspaper or magazine

an illegal drug

the part of a truck where the driver sits

do something difficult

live through an accident or terrible experience; not be killed

sent back to the country you came from

parents, children etcetera

• drama activities for ‘Percy Wacker’

drama 1: Gurzel Ozcan and Percy Wacker just before Percy starts his job

-questions like the following are asked

- Gurzel: “Have you ever done this kind of job before?”

- Percy: “If I get caught will you pay for my lawyer?”

- Gurzel: “Can you speak English well?”

- Percy: “What happens if they start making a lot of noise on the ferry?”

- Percy: “When am I going to get paid?”

- Gurzel: “Do you have an international truck driver's licence?”

- Percy: “If the customs officers open the door will they be able to see anything?”

- Gurzel: “Are you willing to carry a kilo of cocaine with you in the cab?”

drama 2: a reporter interviewing the two survivors a month later

-the reporter asks questions like the following

- “How did you manage to survive when all the others died? ”

- “How much did you pay to get onto the truck?”

- “Did you feel you were close to dying at the moment the door was opened?”

- “Do you expect that you will eventually be deported by the British government?”

- “After such a terrible experience do you still want to stay in the Great Britain? ”

- “Did you have any friends or relatives among those who died?”

- “How do you feel now about Percy Wacker?”

- “When you got into the truck, did you feel you were in danger?”