Percy Wacker :: vocabulary quiz

• customs

1: die because you have no air

• ferry

2: jail

• gang

3: person who puts things into another language

• leader

4: harmful to your body if you swallow it

• load

5: a group of criminals

• manslaughter

6: person who takes things secretly from one country to another

• member

7: person who other people follow

• migrant

8: boat that carries people and cars back and forth

• moisture

9: opening for air to pass through

• official

10: person who belongs to a group

• pat

11: water in air, food, clothing etc

• poisonous

12: person who works for the government and has special power

• prison

13: what a person or vehicle is carrying

• sentence

14: on wheels, pullled by another vehicle

• smuggler

15: person who moves from one part of the world to another

• sniff

16: quickly, gently, and repeatedly touch a person or animal

• suffocate

17: crime of killing someone unintentionally (not on purpose)

• trailer

18: send someone to jail for a certain amount of time

• translator

19: take in several short breaths of air through your nose

• vent

20: where travellers' bags are examined at border