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materials (substances) especially toxic (poisonous) ones used in industry, home etc.

unwanted mark on fabric (cloth) usually from a spilled liquid

put something away (usually in a safe, organized way in a special place) [‘storage space,’ ‘storage room’]

going up and down at a sharp angle

kept locked:
always locked; never unlocked

hanging in messy, disorganized way

got tangled:
got caught by them (wrapped around arms, legs etcetera)

small group of people formally chosen and sent to deliver a message (complaint, request etc)

official organization of workers with job of protecting them, improving their pay and working conditions etc

clothing factory:
a factory that makes clothes

pay double:
pay twice as much as usual

extra hours worked (beyond those worked in a normal day)

official papers

• drama activities for “Sagar Chowdhury”

drama 1: Two employees of Chowdhury Knitwears, before the fire talking about the dangers in the factory and how the situation could be improved.

• They might ask each other some of these questions

- aren’t you afraid, working in a place like this?

- have there ever been any bad accidents here?

- what about all those chemicals they use to get stains off the cloth? Aren’t they likely to cause a fire?

- Shouldn’t they be stored in a safer place? There are a lot of children working here who don’t understand how dangerous they are.

- if there was a fire and we couldn’t get out through the front entrance, is there any other way of getting out of here?

- and someone told me the front door is sometimes locked? Is that true?

- and what about all those wires dangling everywhere? The first day I was here I got tangled up in some of them and almost fell on one of the machines.

- is there any chance of doing anything to improve the situation? What about sending a delegation to talk to the owners?

- has anyone tried to start a union here? Are there any unions at other clothing factories in Narasingdi

drama 2: An aggressive newspaper reporter talking to Sagar Chowdhury after the fire

• He or she might ask some of these questions:

why was the door at the bottom of the stairs locked at the time of the fire? Was it always locked?

why do you have children working in your factory? Isn’t that against the law?

why are your employees paid so little? Why are women and children paid less than men?

in another newspaper, you were quoted as saying you pay double for overtime. Is that true? Can you show me documents to prove it?