flesl.net paired story — multiple choice: 1-10b (Sagar Chowdjury)

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Multiple Choice Quiz for ‘Sagar Chowdhury’

instructions: put a circle around the best answer.

1. Most of the workers who died in the fire

(a) were killed when they jumped out of windows

(b) were burned to death by the flames

(c) were trampled to death on a staircase

(d) were victims of smoke inhalation

2. The fire at Chowdhury Knitwears was started

(a) by a worker’s cigarette

(b) by a fault in the building’s electrical wiring

(c) by a heater accidentally igniting a pile of cloth

(d) by a gun used for applying stain remover

3. The relatives of some of the workers who were killed got no compensation because

(a) they didn’t apply on time

(b) the dead person was only a part-time worker

(c) they didn’t believe in autopsies

(d) the dead person’s body was not found

4. The rapid growth of the clothing industry in Bangladesh is a result of

(a) the cheap labor available there

(b) the cheap cotton available there

(c) the absence of fire prevention regulations there

(d) the hard-working businessmen of Bangladesh