Sagar Chowdhury :: vocabulary quiz

• abundant

1: person who controls a business or institution

• autopsy

2: unwanted mark caused by liquid (on clothes or wall for example)

• collide

3: move quickly from one place to another because you don’t have much time

• commitment

4: hurt someone by stepping on them; damage something by stepping on it

• deadline

5: a moving thing or person accidentally hits something or someone

• director

6: something you have promised to do

• dozen

7: time by which a job has to be finished

• extinguish

8: what is carried from one place to another by a train, plane, or ship

• freight

9: answer; what you say to someone after they have said something to you

• industry

10: very small drops of a liquid moving through the air

• mention

11: group of people complaining publicly and loudly

• protest

12: going up at a “sharp” angle (a hill or staircase, for example)

• reply

13: examination of a dead body to find out the cause of death

• relative

14: making things (in factories etc.) and selling them

• rush

15: stop, destroy, bring to an end, “put out” (a fire, for example)

• slave

16: say something about something, refer to it

• spray

17: numerous, common, in good supply

• stain

18: twelve of something

• steep

19: person in your family

• trample

20: a person who belongs to another person and is forced to work for no pay